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What to do? - Few Tour Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for full day and/or half day tours:


  1. Making of Modern Art on the Riviera – why did they all come here?

The dazzling light, the azure sea and the pine covered hills of the French Riviera provided the powerful inspiration to some of the most significant pioneers of the late 19th and 20th century : Monet, Renoir, Braque, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, … etc. The seductive idea of Paradise they painted put the Riviera at the center of the story of the Modern Art. Never has there been a place that has contributed quite to this degree and quantity of remarkable artistic innovation as the Côte d’Azur has done.

*For art buffs: Indulge yourself in an unequaled artistic legacy and the extraordinary contribution the Côte d’Azur has made to the (hi)story of Modern Art. For the sheer range and quality of the art on display, the museums of the French Riviera rank alongside the very best in Paris, London and New York. – Join me and let’s explore them together!

*This tour can be done either as a half day or a full day tour and has few options. For more details about the options and the costs of the tour, contact me at:

  1. Fondation Maeght  or how  not to make a museum but an Ideal Gallery to house one of Europe’s most important collections of the 20th century art

Discover a remarkable permanent collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints by some of the most significant artists of the 20th century: Miro, Chagall, Braque, Bonnard, Léger, Calder, Tal-Coat, Ubac,… etc.  and one of the world’s largest collections of Giacometti’s work (!) - Join me for a moving visual and aesthetic experience in a unique combination of Art, Architecture and Nature.
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  1. Picasso and The Joy of Living in Antibes in the aftermath of the Second World War: Between mythology and reality - A Timeless Joy

Walk through Picasso’s former studio housed in the striking seaside fortress of the Château Grimaldi in Antibes and discover one of the finest collections of Picasso's work on the Riviera, expressing not only the general atmosphere of happiness of the post-war years but also Picasso’s personal one, as well as his renewed enjoyment of the mythological playground awaken in him by the Mediterranean Coast.  

*For more details about different options and costs of this tour, contact me at:

  1. Nicolas de Staël : An autumn, a winter … and an unfinished Concert in Antibes

Can abstraction and figuration be reconciled? - Suspended between abstraction and figuration in his art, de Staël didn’t want to chose either between his different lives … The question of One and All had tormented him until the end. - Join me and discover his last moments in Antibes and admire the collection of de Staël’s work  produced in Antibes.

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  1.  Fascinating Monaco - why does everybody want to become “Monegasque”?

The history of the Grimaldi’s throughout the centuries: Where did they come from? ; How did they manage to become who they are today and to make of a simple rock the Principality of Monaco of today?;… etc. And so many other questions and answers to be looked into whilst travelling through the time with the Grimaldi’s: the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the French Revolution, the Belle Epoque (and the construction of the Casino), the roaring ‘20ies (and the ‘30ies), the aftermath of the Second World War, Renier’s and Grace’s blissful reign and so much more. - Monaco is and has always been a fascinating and audacious place – you’ll see. Join me and discover why this tiny sovereign city state has never ceased to fascinate.
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  1. The Old  Town of Nice and  its Baroque heritage -  one of the first architectural styles that triumphed in Nice

Discover the Old Town of Nice during a historical and an architectural walk inside and outside its Baroque churches, its private mansions, its narrow lanes and colourful tall buildings, its bustling flower and produce market on the Cours Saleya, its romantic Castle Hill and its elegant seafront boulevard la Promenade des Anglais. - Join me and discover what makes Nice a unique town in France - architecturally and historically wise. 

*For more details about the tour, contact me at:

  1. Nice, the capital of the “Belle Epoque” style - where and when the wildest architectural dreams have come true

*Villas and their owners: Who were those singular characters who ordered the construction of some of the most conspicuous architectural designs of the Belle Epoque style in Nice? Some of these magnificent constructions have become the true landmarks of Nice and are still inhabited. - Join me for an architectural and a ‘mondain’ walk around Nice and its districts to discover them.

*For more details about different options and costs of this tour, contact me at:

  1. The British had started it all (!) - Winter tourism on the Riviera

The British and their long lasting relation with the Riviera goes back as early as the beginning of the 17th century (!) Why and how come? - Join me for a historical and an architectural walk around Nice in the footsteps of the British tourists and the legacy they left in Nice and on the Riviera.

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  1. The Russians in Nice:  In the footsteps of the Romanovs

Far away from their homes and yet so close to their hearts, the Russian aristocracy, who quickly followed the example of the Romanovs was, after the British, the most numerous one to winter on the Riviera and particularly in Nice. Their legacy has left important landmarks in Nice. - Join me for a historical and an architectural walk around Nice to discover them.

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  1. Making of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat - Invisible architecture in one of the most expensive yet tremendously sought after spots on the Riviera

Join me for a marvelous sea-side walk and admire few examples of some breath-taking (and almost invisible!) architectural exploits while listening to compelling stories of incredibly rich and famous who helped this dreamlike place to make a name for itself…

*For more details about different options of this tour, contact me at:

  1. Two follies of the Belle Epoque:  the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild & the Villa Kerylos

To what extent was the Belle Epoque period (literally a “beautiful era”) beautiful and to what extent was it a folly and a whim? And, what kind of a folly was it? As for these two villas, the folly was certainly an aesthetic one! - Discover these two enchanting places constructed during the Belle Époque period, the fruit of their owners’ passions and extravagances and with them travel back in time, from the Ancient Greece to the early 19th century. Then, you’ll understand why that period was, indeed, a “beautiful era”.

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  1. In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene in Provence

We know very little about Mary Magdalene. Her very name evokes images of beauty and sensuality, yet when we look for this creature in the New Testament, we look for her in vain, since we only find a few brief references which yield an inconsistent, even contradictory vision. Yet, even more contradictory is the place where Mary Magdalene was believed to have lived after her flight from Palestine and where she eventually died and was buried. Many countries claim(ed) to have that place and French Provence is one of them. However, none of them claims to have the skull of Mary Magdalene. - Provence still does… Join me on a kind of an inquisitive "pilgrimage" into one of the most picturesque countryside in France, in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene.

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  1. For the wine amateurs (or simple lovers of wine) : Drinking and sightseeing in Provence

A custom-designed tour of different wineries and hidden-gem vineyards in Provence, with talk and tasting at each. - “Drink your way” along the tortuous roads surrounded by the vineyards and olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see across some of the most enchanting landscapes of Provence.

*For more details about different options and costs of this tour, contact me at:

  1. For those curious of local specialities (and history) :  Eating, strolling and learning

“Sample your way” while dipping in and out of local food shops and tasting a selection of olives and olive oils pressed nearby, tapenades, regional cheeses, local Niçois and Provencal specialities, different types of bread, artisanal chocolates and sweets, different types of wines during a wine tasting … etc. and in between, enjoy the historical stroll around the old town of Nice and/or Antibes. - This is an original insider’s tour intended to showcase the local specialities of the Riviera while learning more about the region’s history and tradition.

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