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It is difficult to describe Paris...
however, it is much easier to help you discover it …

Grandiose architecture, wide avenues and boulevards, the banks of the river Seine with their secondhand booksellers (of rare books), splendid private mansions, museums and historical monuments, theatres and cinemas (one for every day in a year!), squares and secret passageways, idyllic gardens, elegant geometry of Parisian chic districts and the maze of its picturesque streets in the historic districts, its fashion boutiques and its elegant Parisian women, its brasseries and Michelin-starred gourmet restaurants, its café terraces (and the legendary waiters -'garçons'!),… the Champs Elysées, the Louvre, the Latin Quarter, the bohemian Montmartre,… and so much more. Paris is elegant, Paris is intellectual, Paris is romantic, Paris is magic,… - at the end of a long line of clichés, a true Paris lives in all its splendor. - If you don't believe me, ask Woody Allen ("Midnight in Paris")!

Being Parisian for 12 years, Your Guide Boba (a Licensed Professional Tour Guide) will show you how Parisian charm and Parisian romanticism operate(!) and tell you all about an amazing history of Paris and the famous Parisians. No matter which guided tour you may chose (art walking tours, history walking tours, architecture walks, etc.), individual or group tours, "à la carte" or tailor-made tours, you can always count on discovering "a different Paris" - an off-the-beaten-track Paris. You simply won't be able to forget Paris, one of the most visited cities in the world (!).

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